Thursday, May 29, 2008


I met Hazel and her raiser, Mary, at a Paws class last night at the Ikea store in Canton. Wilma's Little Miss Purple is growing into a beautiful dog! Her coloring is georgeous, even darker than her mom. She's still fiesty and full of energy, and very smart! She did a down stay for a picture just like the big dogs.

Wilma's 1/2 sister was at class too. So Hazel got to meet her Aunt Galleon. It was like a family reunion for Wilma!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

In Memory of Houston

Little Houston, (Orange or Bruce) was euthanized this past Tuesday, May 6, 2008. He was only 9 weeks, 4 days old. Houston and all the puppies had diarrhea problems from the time they were about 3 weeks of age. Only his was much worse than the others. After a change in food, doses of Pepto, and medicated powder added to his food, he seemed to be getting better. However, he was still having problems after going to his new foster home. He was taken into the Paws vet, who eventually decided to open him up and see what was wrong. Well, his stomach was stretched, so the vet removed part of it and he seemed to be doing better. He went back home last Friday, but was back at the vet on Monday. The vet decided to open him up again on Tuesday to see if the surgery had worked. She found it had worked, however, the problem had started in another area of the stomach. The puppy couldn't go through another surgery, so he was put down. It's all very sad. Houston was one of the biggest, fluffiest puppies of the litter. But now he's together with Futon and Kelso at the Rainbow Bridge.