Sunday, March 28, 2010

Northville Downs

There may have been more dogs than horses at Northville Downs last night at the annual Leader Dog event. Race #4 was dedicated to Leader Dogs.

Macy, Rugby and Xiva stayed under the table as their raisers enjoy dinner and some horse racing. (Macy was yawning and NOT trying to eat the camera!)
Toby is almost as big as the horses! And Veda was the littlest pup there.

After dinner, the dogs watched the horses race by from outside, right next to the track.

Macy also watched from the grand stands.
The dogs enjoyed some attention from the racetrack guests.

And a surprise guest was the Easter Bunny!
This Leader Dog event has always welcomed dogs in training from other groups too. Below is Redford, a poodle from Paws With A Cause, Ben a golden retriever and Princess a black lab, both from FBI Assistance Dogs, and Future Leader Dog Macy, showing the different breeds used by all 3 organizations.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Macy is 1 Year Old!

The big party was last Saturday, but Macy's 1st birthday is TODAY!

We celebrated with left over balloons and cupcakes.

Wilma, Kramer, Mitch,

and even Carter joined in to say....


Sunday, March 21, 2010

Macy's Party

Macy will be 1 yr old soon. And she is going to Leader Dog School in a few short weeks. All her friends came over to wish her a happy birthday and good luck at school.

Macy's celebrated her Birthday with her brother Chauncy.

and with Tito,



Pearl and Teyla,

Ashley and Flurry,

Abby (Wilma's mom) and Wilma,


and Kramer.

The party included a birthday cake, doggie goodies, presents and a pinata filled with dog treats, which all the dogs loved!

Macy had fun and has no idea that her life is going to change very soon. We're going to miss her, bu I think she's ready.