Sunday, January 30, 2011


One thing my foster puppies have all had a lot of experience at is shopping. In the 3 weeks I've had Charlie, he's already been to Jackson Crossing Mall, Walgreens, Pet Supplies Plus, Menards, and Meijer. Here he is today at Meijer. He took in all the sites, sounds and smells and he got lots of attention from shoppers.

Our cashier loved seeing Charlie come through her line. She told us about assistance dog Fugi that regularly shops there. She loves the working dogs!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Bath Time

Charlie got a bath this week. First he tested the water.
Next he got all soaped up.
Are we done yet?

Time to dry off.
Look at those clean fuzzy ears!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Leader Dog Gentry!

Gentry started life as the smallest of Wilma's 11 "G" pups. But she played, ate and fought for her spot among her almost twice as big siblings. She didn't know she was so small.
Gentry grew up in Indiana where she kept puppy raiser Deb and her family entertained. Deb says the Gentry was a smart, funny girl.

Gentry's original career plan didn't work out and she was career changed to Leader Dogs for the Blind. She recently graduated and is now working in Minnesota for a blind woman named Kathleen. Congratulations to Deb for doing a great job with Gentry! She was born to be a working dog and with Deb's help, she is making life easier for someone who needs her. Wilma and I are so proud!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Charlie and the Basement Stairs

Charlie is still a little guy weighing just over 9 lbs at 9 weeks old. So a 15 step stairway must seem huge to him. Wilma, Kramer and I went into the basement and I left Charlie standing at the top hoping he would follow.
Although he wanted to, the long stairway seemed to be too much for him.
After some coaxing, he did make it down a few steps, but then he turned and ran back up (must be easier to go up!)

So I carried him down towards the bottom, where the end wasn't so far away. After some hesitation, he made it to the bottom!

After sniffing all around the basement, he decided he likes it better upstairs and climbing all the way up and snuggled against the door.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Next Trainee....

Macy has graduated rom Leader Dogs and is a career girl now! She is working for a woman in Lansing MI. The woman contacted me and Jennifer right away to say how much she already loves Macy and how much she appreciates what we as puppy raisers do.
So onto the next trainee.....
This is Future Leader Dog Charlie. He's an 8 weeks old little golden fluff ball! I picked him up last Friday from the Leader dog school in Rochester Hills, MI. He weighed 7.1 tiny! Wilma's little pudges were almost twice that size at the same age!
Charlie's parents are Abby and Buddy, both from the Leader Dog breeding stock. (Wilma's mom is named Abby too!)
Charlie plays hard and then sleeps soundly.
He wasn't too interested in eating the first few days, but suddenly Sunday afternoon he decided his food wasn't so bad after all and has beem a little chow hound ever since. He loves to carry his food bowl around. I've never had a puppy do that before!