Saturday, August 28, 2010

Bunnies In the Garden

My garden is growing more than tomatoes this year. We have a whole litter of bunnies! I found them in a hole, just moments after they were born. Tiny, pink, and hairless with their ears plastered against their heads. At first I thought I found a nest of mice!

The next day, they were buried under a mound of bunny fur, all comfy and cozy. I was careful not to touch the nest, but I couldn't resist peeking under the bunny fur blanket by lifting it with a stick. They already had fur! The "blanket" grew bigger and bigger, bunny fur knitted with dry grasses.
And day by day the little bunnies grew. There ears got bigger and their hair thicker with white spots.
Then one day when I went to peek at them, one little bunny hopped out of the nest! Without touching him, I scooted him back in his nest and covered up the hole. The next day, all of them were gone. And I never did see the mamma bunny.
And through all of this, Wilma and Kramer didn't realize that there were bunnies right in their own back yard!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Beating the Heat

It's been very hot summer in Michigan. Wilma and Kramer have been cooling off in the pool almost every day. Kramer has actually walked up the the steps and stood there until I bring him in (he won't go in by himself). He's gotten very comfortable floating around on the raft.

Of course Wilma is still a little fish. And she dives into the pool like a pro! I just wish she would dive like that from the Ultimate Air Dog dock.

We took off for South Haven one day, to spend the day on Lake Michigan. We had the dog beach all to ourselves for a short while. Sun and sand, that's the life!