Monday, May 17, 2010

Chi Reunion

It's been 9 months since the Dearborn Animal Shelter rescued 105 Chihuahua's from a filthy home in Dearborn. And this Sunday at the Mutt Strut about 50 of those little dogs were reunited at the Chihuahua Reunion. Some were brown, some tan, some long haired some short haired, some young, some old...but all were looking great and happy and grateful to be in loving homes!

Carter is still too timid for an outing like this, but I brought a poncho home for him so he could dress up too. Ninety five of the 105 chi's have been adopted. The other 10, including Carter, are in foster homes. But I think Carter's foster days will be over soon. Wilma, Kramer and I have decided to adopt him!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Fun at the Mutt Strut

Hundreds of dogs with their owners + perfect weather + walking + diving + dashing + playing + shopping + eating = The 5th Annual Dearborn Animal Shelter Mutt Strut!

The Strut was a 1 mile walk with plenty of water stops along the way. Kramer and Wilma walked together accompanied by Kayla, my mom's dog who was visiting from Arizona. Kayla growled at most of the other dogs, Wilma started to drag her paws about 1/2 way through, and Kramer kept trying to get ahead of everyone. It was a fun walk!

The Ultimate Air Dogs were there and Wilma competed in 3 Splashes. Although her distance was only 3 ft 9 inches, she's jumping off the dock much quicker. I only had to lay on the dock and coax her in for 3 of her 6 jumps.
The Doggie Dash Du Lure was a new activity this year. The dogs chase a "rabbit" around a track. Wilma was a wild woman with this event! During Kramer's turn, Wilma pulled out of her collar and took off after the "rabbit". Then she had her own turn. Then she pulled away again and took off after another dog's "rabbit"! She was so intent on getting that "rabbit" that I had to leave in order for her to calm down.

After strutting, diving and dashing, all the dogs were tired.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Halo is Certified!

Halo has recently become a fully certified serivce dog working for Kimberly in Florida! She has grown and matured into a beautiful dog and has a wonderful new family with Kimberly, her husband and their 2 cats.
Halo is from Wilma's first litter, born on Leap Year Day, February 29, 2008. Wilma was supposed to have 10 puppies and then out popped Halo, number 11! She became Wilma's Little Miss Surprise.

Halo looks like she fits right into her new family. Snuggling with daddy

and blowing raspberries at the cat!

When Kimberly saw this picture of Halo at 5 days with the stuffed lamb, she immediatly knew why this new lamb fast became Halo's favorite toy!

Congratulations to puppy raiser Suzanne for raising Halo to become such a wonderful service dog! Wilma and I are so proud!