Saturday, August 29, 2009

End of Summer Bon Fire

It actually started as a pool party. And there was some activity in the pool. But the temperature was cool and the pool water even cooler! A bon fire was much better for this weather.

Sue and Sinatra
Sandy and Spork

Anna and Heather and Digger and Cooper
Barb and Tito

Camera shy were Bonnie, Bentley, Kramer and Timmy. Diane's new dog was just spayed, so she missed to fun, but she'll be joining in next time for sure!

Wilma received an Ultimate Air Dogs medal for completing her first UAD Splash! Thanks, Heather!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Ultimate Air Wilma!

Wilma competed in the Ultimate Air Dogs dock diving competition this weekend. She did 2 Splashes. Each splash consists of two jumps. Here she is with her first splash jump of 2 feet 8 inches!

In her second splash, she jumped a whooping 4 feet 4 inches! OK, so maybe she's not such an Ultimate Air Dog, but I'm so proud of her for jumping on her own, for the first time on this dock/pool and with an audience clapping and watching her!

Heather and Anna were there with Digger and Bazooka Joe. Digger is a fun dog to watch jump. And Bazooka Joe took first place in his division with 19 feet 9 inches! Yeah Zuko!!This was his first win ever!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Mutt Strutters

A group of Dearborn Animal Shelter Mutt Strut volunteers got together for the Paw Walk at Paws in the Park in Canton, MI, a fundraiser for the Huron Valley Humane Society. Wilma and I walked with JoAnne and Bonnie, Sue and Timmy, Kelle and Harry, Pat and Abby, Nicole and Bentley, and Barb and Kramer.

Bentley is one of the 105 chihuahuas rescued by the Dearborn Animal Shelter from a horribly filthy dog hoarder home last month. He is 2 years old, had never been outside, seen grass or sunshine, had never had on a collar or leash, had never had any human contact except for the guy hoarding the dogs, and had never met a dog other than the other chihuahuas in the home. Bentley has discovered a whole new world outside that filthy home and is doing great!

The walk included a float and costume contest.

Along the walk was a photo shoot complete with costumes. Some of us couldn't resist.
Another stop along the walk was the Tricks for Treats. Timmy did spins, Harry bowed, Wilma did her high five, and the rest of the dogs did Sit for their treats.

Harry got thirsty, but was in luck when we found a drinking fountain.

Of course we couldn't help but compare this walk with the Dearborn Animal Shelter's Mutt Strut, which is in May. We concluded it was a nice event with some fun features along the walk (the costumes photo shoot, Tricks for Treats, and the float/costume contest). Stay tuned for details on next May's Mutt Strut!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

More Pool Fun!

Summer finally came to Michigan and we have been taking full advantage of the pool. Wilma, Kramer and Macy all like the water.

Wilma is like a fish. She loves to just swim around or be in the water lounging on her raft.

Macy will fetch a toy and then get out.

Kramer has to be coaxed in, but once he's in, he's OK and a great swimmer. I think he likes it, but just won't get in by himself. I think he's seen Wilma in the pool too much. He's taken to the raft too!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Pool Party!

Sunshine and 90 degrees....perfect for a pool party! And today's pool party was all about the dogs. Wilma and I invited some friends and their furry kids over for a swim. Barb brought her little dog Tito, Pat brought her beagles Jessie and Abby, and Heather and Anna brought their pit bulls Digger and baby Cooper. Of course Wilma, Kramer rand Macy were there too. That's 8 dogs!
Digger was the first one in the water. Not surprising since he is a dock diving pro. He flies into the pool.

Cooper tolerated being floated around on a raft, but would have rather been on dry land. Abby, Jessie, Tito, and Kramer agreed.

Wilma shared her floatie with the other dogs and even let people get on them, as long as she got to join them.

Digger became Wilma's new best friend. Wilma would follow him in the water like she was a pro! She would not jump in until he did and then she was right behind him. It was so funny. I just hope she picked up some diving tips from Digger.

Here's Digger and Wilma in action....

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Wilma's First Competition

Today, Wilma competed in her first Dock Diving Competition. It was a Fun Jump for club members. My plan was to go and watch because I didn't think Wilma was ready for competition yet. But when we got there, I was told it was a fun event and I was encouraged to compete, so we did. And Wilma proved me wrong...she WAS ready! She jumped in without a leash and without me or anyone in the pool encouraging her. She didn't get much distance, just 2.5 feet (compared to 22 feet by the farthest jumper), but she did it! As Heather, the club president said "She can only improve from here!".