Monday, March 31, 2008

Even More Visitors

Tonight, Leah Krichbaum and her mom Sally, dad Brian and brother Calob came over to see the Wilma and the puppies. Leah raised Demi, who is currently at Paws HQ in training.

Leah has always been especially fond of Wilma.

Leah has recently started doing drawings of various Paws dogs from pictures posted on the MyFamily Paws website. She is a very talented young lady and I felt very honored when she used Wilma as one of her models. She did a beautiful job on my beautiful golden girl!

Sunday, March 30, 2008

More Visitors

Kevin, Brenda and Elizabeth Faqua stopped by to see the pups today. Their Paws puppy Cheetah is going into HQ soon and they are on the list for another puppy. Maybe it will be a Wilma pup!






. .

Later in the day, the Dankert family (Kim, Luke, Evan and Jerry) stopped by. They are holding the girls, one of which will be Honey! Will she be Pebbles, or Surprise, or Princess, or Precious, or Lilac?

The pups crashed for a long time after their visitors.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

How to Sleep Like a Puppy

Scrunch between a dog bed, a pillow and the wall.

Rest your ear on the water can.

Stretch out long and lean on a big dog bed.

Squeeze between the x-pen and the whelping box.

Curl up in a cat bed .

Snuggle with your siblings .

Friday, March 28, 2008

Official Visiting Starts Today!

And who better to be the puppies first official visitors than my neighbors Marilyn and Sherri who have been a huge help to me, Wilma and the puppies. Of course this was not their first visit. They've been there right from the start. Finding Wilma's first born wrapped in the blankets on the futon, and comforting Wilma until I got home. Helping for over 6 hours to deliver the puppies. Coming over to puppy sit the new born pups when I had to go out. And vacuuming my floor while they were there! Helping me take all 11 puppies and Wilma into the vet when they were 4 days old. Coming over during the day to check on Wilma when she wasn't feeling well. And taking the initiative to call my vet and bring Wilma in when she got so sick and I was 2 hours away in Grand Rapids. She may have even saved Wilma's life that day! Sherri's nephew Jacob is visiting for the weekend and was very excited to see so many puppies.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Puppies on the Loose

I opened the gate and let all the puppies out tonight. Some ran right out. Some stood at the door and looked for a while before venturing out.
Most stayed together, but a few wondered off on their own.

They were interesed in the TV and the big dog toys and the giant metal cat.

One even got to try on a working uniform. But another was jealous and tried to tear it off him.

One by one they started drifting off and it wasn't long before they were all asleep.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

A Big New World

The pups were given parole for a short while tonight, two at a time.

They learned that's it's a big scary world outside the nursery. You never know what or who you'll run into.

Uncle Kramer was there, ready to play. And mom was there to make sure they stayed safe.

But Sparty seemed to be more interested in the TV than anything else. My kind of puppy!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Puppies in Jail

The little munchkins are walking around and starting to play. So I rearranged the nursery to make more room. Instead of being confined to the whelping box, the pups are now contained in a dog pen. They have 3 times more room to roam around, but they all seemed to gather at the end and beg to come out.

Wilma is doing much better. Her mastits wound looks good and her energy level is up. I put a couple t-shirts on her (as suggested by some Paws raisers) to cover up the milk bar and let her in with the pups after lunch. The goal was to have her clean up the pups and snuggle with them. Well, she cleaned up the food pan, then wanted out. She has lost all interest in the pups. She went from being a super good mom to not wanting anything to do with her babies. I'm now sure what to make out of that. But I guess I'll have to do the puppy snuggling.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Happy Easter!