Friday, October 30, 2009


Honey is the 4th Wilma pup to be out in the working world, in the south east Michigan area!
All of Wilma's puppies were special to me, but some of them I will always remember. Hugo (red), the little fighter, Hollis (pink), the queen of the pool parties and Honey (hot pink), the chubby, fluffy, sweet, calm little girl. I've always thought she looks more like Wilma than the others.

Congratulations to raiser Kim and her family!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Leader Dog Halloween Party

Macy and I had fun at a Halloween party for the Jackson Leader Dog group. Macy was dressed as a Cute Ladybug. Barley is a 9 month old lab, much darker than Macy, and was a "Bad Dog". Ten month old golden Ziva was a pumpkin. And golden Leader Dog Dad Shilo was Darth Vader. Shilo's newest litter of pups is almost ready to go home to their raisers.

Barley looks like Jaws as she tries to take a bite out of Macy's ear.
Macy tried to make friends with the pumpkin...or maybe she was trying to eat it!
All the dogs had a chance to run around the yard. Macy was one tired puppy when she got home!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Meet Carter

Carter is one of the 101 chihuahua's rescued by the Dearborn Animal Shelter. He's 4 years old and weights 10 lbs. I'm fostering him for a while to try to socialize him and make him adoptable.

He's very timid and does nothing all day but lay in his crate. I tried putting him in an X-pen, but he paniced and went wild and jumped out! So he'll be in the crate for a while. I've taken him out a few times to hold him and he shivers like crazy. He eventually calms down, but as soon as I move or get up, he panics.

Carter seems to like Wilma and Kramer around his crate (and Wilma is always laying outside the crate because there is food inside!) But when I open the crate thinking he'll come out to see the dogs, Carter just panics and hides his head.

It's very sad that this beautiful young dog knows nothing more than to lay and sleep and is terrified of everything. It'll take a while, but I'm determined to turn him into a social little guy who can be adopted into a loving home.

Saturday, October 17, 2009


Hugo is the 3rd "H" puppy to be out in the working world. He's living in Michigan with his new client. Hugo was raised in Florida, so a snowy winter will be something new to him!
He's been ready for work since he was only a few weeks old.

Hugo was Wilma's little Red Clifford, the smallest pup in the litter. He fought hard to keep up with the other 9 puppies. But he never gave up. He's a cutie with his brown stripe down his nose.

Congratulations to Hugo's raisers, Kelli and Brian!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Miss Purple, Hazel, is working in ME! That's two Wilma pups out there in the world making someone's life easier!

Congratualtions to raiser Mary and her family for giving Hazel a great start!