Saturday, May 30, 2009

Meet Macy

Macy is a Leader Dog puppy that I am helping to raise. She's 9 weeks old and from a litter of 11 puppies. (I think it was fate that brought me a puppy from a litter of 11!) Macy's parents are Cooper and Mia, both LD breeders. Mia lives in the Jackson area with the Haba family, who also has Wilma's mom Abby! So I know that Macy got a good start at life and is destined for success!

Here's Mia with the whole litter. Wilma saw this picture and thought.."Oh, poor Mia...I feel for you, girl!"

And here they are eating....I love the feeding trough! But what about puppy number 11?

And here is Macy trying on her new uniform at about 4 weeks and then again about 9 weeks old...she had a lot of growing to do and still does.

Macy's official raiser is Jennifer Marshall. I used to puppysit for Jen's first 2 LD pups, Aiden and Marshall. Aiden is a golden retriever who is now Jen's pet. Marshall is a yellow lab who recently went home to Wisconsin with his new client, a man who's first LD was retired. Here's Aiden and Wilma in a picture that appeared in the Detroit Free Press titled "Future Workers". Unfortunately, neither of their careers worked out, but I don't think they mind at all.

It's been 3 years since I've had a puppy to raise and I forgot how exhausting it can be! Potty training is a constant chore and lab puppies chew on EVERYTHING! But Macy is a sweetheart and already knows Sit and also already knows how to bat those eyes and give me "the look"! How can you stay mad at that face?