Sunday, September 28, 2008

Reunited with Harvard and Halo

Wilma and I had a mini-family reunion Friday night at Ikea when we met Harvard and Halo. Both pups are adorable. Wilma didn't seem interested in them at all. Harvard was interested in Wilma, so maybe he knew it was mom. One thing both pups were definitely interested in was getting out of their gentle leaders!


Halo was Wilma's surprise puppy, number 11. She had the rainbow colored collar. She has the same darker color that Wilma has and looks so much like her mom. Halo recently dressed up for a Smooch the Pooch booth at an Art Festival, to raise money for Paws. Who could resist smooching that face!

Wilma also worked a Smooch the Pooch booth when she was about 4 months old.

Saturday, September 27, 2008


Harvard was Wilma's yellow puppy. He's grown into a handsome boy, a little lighter in color than Wilma. He's a wiggler too, just like him mom!

He's going through a counter surfing phase and when his raiser used a mouse trap to scare him away from the counter, after it snapped, Harvard picked it up and brought it to him. What a good retreiver!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Bark in the Park

The Animal Placement Bureau in Lansing, where I adopted Kramer, had their annual Bark in the Park fundraiser. Wilma really enjoyed the Dancing Dog demo and Kramer got to march in the Parade of Rescues. Both Wilma and Kramer joined in on the many contests and games. Unfortunately, although both are tennis ball freaks at home, they would not touch a tennis ball in the kiddie pool tennis ball game. I think if the pool had water in it, Wilma would have won. But she doesn't know what to do in a dry pool. Wilma had the slowest time through the obstacle course and Kramer was probably second slowest, although both of them made it through. Kramer would not bark during the barking contest, yet spent the whole picnic time barking at other dogs. They wouldn't jump for the jumping contest, but Wilma tried to jump on the picnic table during lunch. And neither won the cutest dog contest, but in my eyes they were the 2 cutest dogs there. Oh well, they had a great time and we did win a participant prize...home made dog treats! They were happy pups!