Sunday, April 27, 2008

Puppy Names and Homes

Well, all of my little H's have gone home to start their new lives. I thought I'd share their new names and where they will be living.
Purple is named Hazel and lives in the Detroit area. Here's a picture of Hazel on her first day home.

Lime is now Henna and lives in Lansing. She goes to classes at MSU. Here's Henna on the ride home and with her big sister Piper. Henna loves to play with Piper, but was giving her new mom a rough time sleeping for a while. And she likes to host pool parties and shower parties.

Hot Pink is Honey. She lives in Midland. Here she is in her new home.

Rainbow is Halo and Pink is Hollis. They both live in the Grand Rapids area.

Yellow is Harvard and lives in the Detroit area. Here he is at home. He has a big brother named Durango. He's already been to a restaurant and did great! He's been called a genius by his foster family. I'm so proud of him!

Green is Horton and Orange is Houston. They both live in the Grand Rapids area. Black is Hyde and my little Red Clifford is named Hugo. Both Hugo and Hyde live in Florida. I hope they get to meet Mickey someday!

To all the puppy raisers reading this, be on the look out for a fuzzy "H" puppy coming soon to a Paws class near you! And if you meet one, give them a big hug and kiss from Wilma and me and tell them to write their mom someday and let her know how things are going.

Here's a family photo I made for the raisers and a collage of pics for each puppy:

Sunday, April 20, 2008


I've received lots of compliments on all the wonderful photos I've taken of the puppies. I want to thank you all! It was fun taking the picture and keeping the blog. BUT photographing animals isn't easy. Especially when there's 10 of them and they don't know what you are trying to do! For every one great picture I captured, there were 10, 20 or even more not so good pictures. The pups would walk out of the picture, find something more interesting to watch in the other direction, close their eyes, yawn, stick out their tongue, attack the props, walk into the camera, squiggle and squirm in the arms of a person, and bite the ankles of the people they were supposed to be posing with. Here are some of the bloopers.

I don't think I ever posted a picture of Wilma's pink tail either. I wrapped it to keep the fluff out of way during the whelping. Look how big she was!! Doesn't she look cute?
And here's an experiment that went awry. I thought if I got 4 people to sit on the couch under a blanket with their arms out like a basket, I could place the pups in their arms and get a group shot of the puppies. Ha! And when that didn't work, plan "B" was to have the "volunteers" kneel behind a wall and hold the pups up over the wall. What a laugh that was!

But in the end, I took individual pics of the pups with their birthday bandanas, made special by Aunt Jennifer Swearingen, and put them together in a collage. Much better, don't you think?

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Off to Grand Rapids

Today was the pups first big adventure, the trip to Paws HQ in Grand Rapids. I had readied the car the night before by lining the back with a tarp, rugs, blankets, and towels. So all that was left to do was load the pups, two by two, into the car. Wilma said good-bye and I closed the hatchback, which was difficult with 10 little heads all trying to stick out. But I managed and off we went.

The first ten minutes of the trip were very loud. I think it was only a few pups putting up a fuss, but it sounded like 25! After that, we had pure silence for over 30 minutes. Unfortunately, I had to make a stop because of too much coffee, and of course the pups woke up. The rest of the trip was sprinkled with howling and whining, in between the silent times. And the pups would pop their heads up every once in a while. I wonder what the passing cars thought of that!

Finally we made it. With the help of three others, we got the pups into two kennels, split 5 and 5. They checked out their new home, christened it by pottying and when Miss Pink hosted the first drinking bowl Pool Party, I knew they'd be OK. Except for Sparty. He wouldn't stop whining, which surprised me, since he had always been so quiet at home. So I picked him up and snuggled him until he fell asleep in my arms. When I put him back, the others were sleeping and he slipped out of my arms and snuggled his way into the pile of puppies.

I was at Paws for the next 5 hours attending a Breeding Host Family seminar. I kept checking in on them and they were sleeping most of the time. After the seminar I went in and snuggled each one for the last time. When I got home, I made myself a margaritta to celebrate their new phase of life, just like I did the celebrate the day they came into this world.