Monday, May 16, 2011

Mutt Sturt 2011

Saturday was muggy, cloudy and a bit of rain, Sunday was wet and soggy, and cold, but the Mutt Strut went on!Wilma, Kramer and Charlie strutted with me, Sherri and Marilyn, who came in from Jackson. Barb walked shelter dog Curly. Curly is a poodle and really liked Kramer.

The Doggie Dash was Kramers favorite activity. Wilma liked it too and they both competed in the Fastest Dog competition. Wilma did 14.8 seconds and Kramer 14.5. The winner finished in 11.9 seconds!
Wilma did the Ultimate Air Dogs and jumped 8 ft 2 inches! A new personal best for her. It was her very first jump and I don't think she even thought about it. I threw her toy and she ran and jumped! But after that she was back to her regular belly flops and she even refused to jump her last jump. It was cold and windy and I think she was just done!

All in all, despite the bad weather, the Mutt Strut was a success and fun day for all who came!

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pattib said...

Sounds like alot of fun!